Occasionally, our fans have questions about the gear we carry and the instruments we play. We take a lot of pride in the quality of our sound, but we have limitations when it comes to how much gear we can travel with by land, sea, and air. We used to carry a trailer-full, but today, all of our gear can fit in the back of TC's Kia Sorento (or Gary's Nissan Xterra) without even obstructing the rear view! We keep two of everything in this list at our Texas and Colorado homes so that we do not have to fly with any of it - not even the guitars :)

1997 Gibson CL40 Dreadnaught
2008 Composite Acoustics COT dreadnaught
associated tuners and instrument cables
Mackie 808M (1200 watts) 39lbs,
S/N (21)AP24738
     IEC power cable
     100' power extension
4x JBL SRX 712M  (2 mains, 2 monitors) 33lb each,
S/N's: TP0409-47545, TP0409-21337, TP0409-21342, TP0409-20420
    2x 1/4" to Speakon cables
    2x Speakon to Speakon cables
3x Shure Beta SM58
     3x Mogami XLR cables
3x Onstage telescoping mic stands
2x Onstage telescoping Speaker stands
2x Fender micro-folding guitar stands
Rock-n-roller R12 equipment cart