Did You Know?
Gary was born on Elton John's birthday, and TC was born on Bob Dylan's birthday.
Gary's first record was Dion's "Runaround Sue" and TC's was the Ozark Mountain Daredevils' "If You Want to Get to Heaven, You Got to Raise a Little Hell".
Both developed harmony early on. TC sang bass for the female barbershop chorus, "The Sweet Adelines", and Gary sang with "The Marshmellos" of John Marshall High School (home of the Fightin' Lawyers!).
Gary's major influences are Gordon Lightfoot, Bob Dylan, Peter, Paul, and Mary, Doc Watson, and The Beach Boys. TC cut her teeth on James Taylor, David Wilcox, Allyson Krauss, & Tom Lehrer.
Before they were professional musicians, they had some pretty weird jobs as young people! Gary worked as a mushroom picker, and TC used to sell storm doors
and windows in a town where it never rained.
They worked in the same office building for the same oil and gas firm for 5 years and didn't know it.
TC's very first gig was in front of 5,000 national guardsmen in Venezuela - and she had to sing that gig in Spanish.
S&T's first gig was at Diedrich's Coffeehouse in the Montrose area of Houston. They made $85 but spent $50 of it on dinner!
The first song they performed together was "The Boxer".
The venue for the release of S&T's 2012 CD, These Rosita Hills was booked four years in advance! The selected date was 12/21/12, (the end of the Mayan calendar), so they billed it, "Guitarmageddon". At one point in the show, there were 12 guitars on stage.
TC and Gary own two pairs of identical guitars. They split the pairs between Colorado and Texas so they never have to fly with them.
Each time they play, a minimum 1,858 mile round trip is required.
S&T have performed in Poland, France, Ireland, England, and The Netherlands, as well as in Louisiana, Georgia, Missouri, Oklahoma, Connecticut, California, Colorado, and Texas.
S&T opened three times for Texas gubernatorial hopeful Kinky Friedman, and they haven't agreed on a candidate since!
Gary is an introvert - TC is an extrovert, making co-writing next to impossible.
There is a wondrous place called ''Garyland", and in it, no ketchup is allowed, nor milk!